"I was able to taper off the insulin and then ultimately taper off almost all of the other diabetes medication I was on."

Achieve Sustained Weight Loss with the LAP-BAND®

At SmartShape™, we have successfully helped thousands of Canadians achieve significant and sustained weight loss with modern weight loss procedures, such as the LAP-BAND® procedure. The team at SmartShape specializes in obesity and welcomes the opportunity to help you make a life-changing commitment.

Before you make a decision to have LAP-BAND® surgery, it is important to understand how the LAP-BAND® works to help you achieve sustained weight loss. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make a confident decision. We encourage you to connect with us for a free consultation so we can address any further questions you may have and to discuss whether LAP-BAND® surgery is right for you.

The LAP-BAND® Procedure

The LAP-BAND® procedure is performed laparoscopically which is a surgical technique where only small incisions are made. The LAP-BAND® consists of three parts: One, the band. Two, the tubing. Three, the port.

The band is placed around the top of the stomach. This leaves about an inch of stomach above the band that we call “the pouch”. The pouch is unique because it is richly supplied with sensors and receptors that send signals to the brain that when this part of the stomach fills with food… it’s full.

How the LAP-BAND® Works

Each time you take a bite of food, it gets temporarily held up by the LAP-BAND®. The pouch at the top of the stomach fills and you feel full from eating smaller portions of food. SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre uses only the premium Apollo LAP-BAND® and includes a five year AfterCare Program.

The LAP-BAND® Benefits

Studies have shown that on average, a patient who has the LAP-BAND® procedure, will lose up to 50 – 55 % of their excess weight and that most of that loss will occur in the first year.

LAP-BAND® Adjustments

LAP-BAND® adjustments (called fills, or de-fills) are an important part of the program to ensure the band is working effectively. Adjustments are made by adding or removing saline via the adjustment port, making the band a little tighter or looser, as needed.

It is important to work with the team at SmartShape to decide when adjustments are required. Together we will monitor your weight loss and hunger to help decide when it’s time for an adjustment. Our nurse specialist will adjust the band in our clinic — a simple, relatively painless procedure that usually takes only minutes. The goal is to reach the “sweet spot”, and that’s different for every person.

The frequency of band adjustments varies from person to person and is customized to your individual progress. Although each person is different, in the first year, you can expect anywhere from four to six adjustments, but some people have as few as one. Approximately 10 percent of people are able to lose weight at the desired pace without any adjustment at all. LAP-BAND® adjustments are much less common once you have achieved your weight loss goals.

For clients that do not live close to our clinics, there are over 40 affiliated healthcare professionals across Canada that can work with our team to ensure you are getting your Lap-Band adjustments as needed.

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Learn About the LAP-BAND® System Fast Facts

Success with the LAP-BAND® System

Do You Qualify for the LAP-BAND® System?

Are you ready to take an active part in reducing your weight permanently? Find out if you meet the criteria and see if this may be an ideal treatment option for you.

It may be the right solution if:

  • You are at least 16 years of age
  • You have a BMI of 30 and above
  • You are prepared to make changes in your eating habits and lifestyle
  • You have made serious attempts to lose weight and had only short-term success
  • You do not drink alcohol in excess and do not have illegal drug dependence

Which Option is Best for You?

Thousands of Canadians have realized significant weight loss and health gains with the SmartShape Weight Loss Centre.