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The SmartShape Advantage

Why Smartshape™ Has Become The Right Choice For More Canadians

The SmartShape Advantage

Why Smartshape™ Has Become The Right Choice For More Canadians

Most Experienced Surgeons

Our team of skilled surgeons perform more weight loss procedures than any other clinic in Canada. Contact us for information on each of our surgeons. Collectively they have over 75 years of combined experience.

Our Surgeons are supported by Canada’s most experienced bariatric nursing team, registered dietitians, life & fitness coaches –– a passionate team of healthcare professionals specializing in the treatment of obesity. Our surgeons and nurse specialists are always available to help you.


Best Quality

SmartShape™ uses only the world’s most widely used gastric band device, the LAP-BAND® System from Apollo Endosurgery. With over 25 years of clinical research proving safety and efficacy, the LAP-BAND® is the #1 choice of surgeons and represents over 90% of all bands used worldwide.

The LAP-BAND® device costs more than lesser known ‘bargain’ bands offered elsewhere but there are good reasons it remains the world’s top choice. Would you want anything less?

Why LAP-BAND® is the World's Top Pick

The LAP-BAND® is approved by Health Canada and is the only gastric band device that also meets the stringent approval requirements of the FDA in the US.

For gastric balloon procedures, SmartShape™ uses only the widely recognized market leader – the Orbera Gastric Balloon.

With a well-established safety profile based on over 220,000 placements, the Orbera Gastric Balloon is the #1 gastric balloon in the world.


Since 2005, our multi-disciplinary team of professionals have specialized in providing Canadians with high-quality care and ongoing support and have built an unsurpassed reputation for delivery of proven weight loss solutions: our renowned and comprehensive LAP-BAND®, Gastric Sleeve, and Gastric Balloon Programs.

SmartShape™ has gained an international reputation for excellence in research and publications.

In 2015 we achieved the coveted “Center of Excellence” accreditation from the SRC organization (Surgical Review Corporation), an internationally recognized health care leader committed to advancing the safety and efficiency of surgical care worldwide.

Center of Excellence for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery

SmartShape™ is the only Canadian clinic to hold this distinction.
SRC center of excellence


SmartShape™ offers the longest and most comprehensive Aftercare program available in Canada.

But is Aftercare really all that important? Absolutely, it is –– both for your health and your weight loss success.

At SmartShape™ we feel so strongly about the importance of Aftercare that Five Years of Aftercare Support are included in the cost of every LAP-BAND® and Gastric Sleeve procedure.

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Some clinics skimp on Aftercare in order to offer what may appear to be a ‘bargain’ price, but it is a false saving. When the cost of essential Aftercare visits are factored in, the so-called ‘bargain’ brand ends up costing more than SmartShape™. Clinics that fail to provide full and comprehensive Aftercare support are cost cutting at your expense. And not giving you the support you need to be successful.

Without a strong Aftercare program your weight loss success will be hampered and your health could even be at risk. Read what the American Diabetes Association has said about the importance of Aftercare following Metabolic surgery:

"Although metabolic surgery is similarly safe compared to commonly performed operations such as gallbladder surgery, there are still risks of complications and long-term nutritional deficiencies, which require lifelong vitamin/nutritional supplementation and rigorous long-term follow up by a multidisciplinary team with appropriate expertise”.

The only genuine lap-band is the Apollo LAP-BAND® System
SmartShape has it.

…make sure you know what you’re really getting.

The only genuine lap-band is the Apollo LAP-BAND® System
SmartShape has it.

…make sure you know what you’re really getting.


    Lap-Band System

    The Lap-Band surgery to help overweight
    and obese clients lose weight and
    sustain it. We make it possible to
    finally achieve weight loss for life.




    Gastric Sleeve

    The Gastric Sleeve procedure decreases
    the size of your stomach, limiting the
    amount of food you can eat and
    helping you to feel fuller, faster.




    Gastric Balloon

    The SmartShape Orbera Gastric Balloon
    program gives you the opportunity
    to successfully adopt nutritional and
    behavioural changes for life.



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