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Always felt important

I always felt very important to the staff and doctor, my concerns were met with the utmost concern and respect.



A wonderful experience

First, I wanted to thank you for what was truly a wonderful experience on all accounts. Doctors, Nurses, staff, etc. were all great to work with and very caring.

The facility is clean, intimate and very comfortable. Too bad Ontario doesn’t allow more private medicine.

Your systems, email, website, webinars are also very professional and I hope to continue to use them into the future. You really deserve full marks. The only area that I think you should consider changing is the actual meeting with the patient. You rely very heavily on email, phone and internet. As a patient I would have preferred to have a more of one-on-one experience with the medical team. For instance, the pre-op consultation – the clinic and Surgeon were available 24/7 which is great but for some patients an actual face-to-face might be beneficial. The same with the post-op monitoring of the diet. Having a weekly or biweekly meeting to follow up and track progress while at the same time discussing various aspects of the weight loss might help the patient with long term success.

Again, this is not a question of the dedication of the team but rather the methodology of how to work with patients.



Outstanding Nurses

The staff that I encountered were all very friendly and for the most part efficient. There were two absolutely outstanding nurses, in my opinion, Svetlana and Laura. They made my stay as a patient very comfortable, and were very friendly and upbeat while still being extremely professional. The anesthetist and OR staff were lovely people, and the Surgeon had a way of putting me at ease, while still remaining professional.

Thank you for a great experience so far. I look forward to enjoying losing weight while using my new tool!


SmartShape 100%

If/when I return for another procedure, no hesitation. SmartShape 100%.