Me and My MGB | August

It takes a village to raise a child – Old African Proverb

So very true.

Anyone who has been through bariatric surgery knows you need support to get through it. For some of us, we have the support of our family and friends. Some go through it alone, without letting anyone know. We are all in a unique situation on our journey.

I count myself as one of the lucky ones. I had a huge support team helping me along the way. They dropped me off and picked me up. They shopped for me. They worried about me. They encouraged me and cheered me on. It was great knowing that I had them in my corner.

I wasn’t always so open about my struggle. My weight loss battle has always been a very private one. Strange that obesity is such a visible disease and many of us are so private about it at the same time. I never wanted to talk about it. It would frustrate my mother to no end. She tried her best but every time she brought up the subject, I would shut right down. She wanted to help me along with the rest of my family. They hated watching me suffer. I wish I had accepted their help back then but the shame was too much for me to share.

For those of you who don’t have personal support, please rely on the staff at SmartShape. You don’t need to be alone in this journey. The word “team” can describe so many different situations. You may not have the “traditional” team, but you do have the most knowledgeable and qualified team around. They can help you through the process. That’s what they do on a daily basis.

Know that if you don’t have a support team at the ready, you can create one. You don’t need to go through this journey alone. There will always be someone there to help… As long as you ask for it!

Read more about Teresa’s weight loss journey in next month’s newsletter issue. “Me and My MGB” is an exclusive 12 part diary series of how a woman living with obesity changed her life when she made the decision to put herself first.

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