Me and My MGB | February

When it comes to weight loss surgery, it’s often something we think and dream about for a long time.  Once we make the decision to have surgery, the process seems to fly by.  The consultation is the best part of the whole process.  This is where I got to speak with a doctor who understood and had a plan of how to help me.  He has seen and heard it all.  All the medical reasons as to why I need and want surgery.  The most important questions he asked me was, “why now?”  That is a question I didn’t expect to hear, especially from a doctor.  You would think that all the questions would be generic and medically based.  When he asked me why, he acknowledged me as a real person and not just another medical case.  I felt understood from someone who didn’t need to understand the emotional side of me.  At that point, I knew I was in good hands and this was the right decision.  For those of you who are worried about taking the first step, don’t be.  Start the conversation that can change your life.

Read more about Teresa’s weight loss journey in next month’s newsletter issue. “Me and My MGB” is an exclusive 12 part diary series of how a woman living with obesity changed her life when she made the decision to put herself first.

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