Me and My Mini Gastric Bypass | End of Year Weight Loss Reflection

BEFORE                                                 AFTER


Patient: Teresa

Province: Ontario

Surgical Weight Loss Procedure: Mini Gastric Bypass

2 years post-surgery


A heartfelt thank you and my sincere appreciation to all who have followed my story throughout the year.

I have had the opportunity to share my surgical weight loss experience with you and I hope I’ve helped address some of your questions and also in bringing you a better understanding of bariatric surgical options at SmartShape in general.

In helping you, I have helped myself along my journey. I have found more acceptance for myself this past year than I have had my entire life. In sharing with you, I was able to confront and understand my strengths and my weaknesses. We all need to support and encourage each other throughout our struggles.

The most important lesson is that you truly are not alone. We all go through the same highs and lows, good and bad, happy and sad moments. Be gentle with yourself. Life is hard enough…

During this very special time of year, we are encouraged to focus on charity and good will to all. That good will should start with you. Do yourself a favour and find some time for self-care. We always find a way to put ourselves last on the “To Do” list. Don’t do that. Take care of YOU and YOU will be able to take care of those around you who you love and who need you to be healthy, happy and whole.

Thank you for reading my story and I sincerely hope I have helped you in some small way.



So how can SmartShape Weight Loss Centre help you?

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre is a Canadian clinic that offers safe, effective weight loss procedures with wait times of just 4-6 weeks after an initial consultation with one of our surgeons.

SmartShape has helped over 6,000 patients improve their quality of life and achieve sustained weight loss since the clinic opened in 2005, and continues to be the leading provider of proven weight loss programs in Canada.

Our fully-qualified surgeons perform four life-changing procedures:

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