Me and My MGB | November

I thought about what to write for this month’s blog post and started to reflect on what I’ve learned throughout this process.

I’ve learned so much about myself: the good, the bad, and the not-so-pretty.

We are all so very different and we look at situations in such a variety of ways that it’s funny how we can identify with almost everyone at some time or another.

It’s like reading those inspirational quotes on social media. I’m sure you all experience that reaction to a post and think, “That’s so me!” But we don’t stop and realize that it’s so all of us.

We all experience the same things at different times in our lives. We may deal with our issues in different ways but we are all on the same path. That’s the human in us.

I’ve learned that I have strengths I didn’t know were there. The strength to make a big decision in having the MGB surgery. The strength to deal with the criticism of others and, mostly, my own. The strength to accept that my journey is not a perfect one. I have made mistakes along the way but I have learned that that’s okay.

I’ve faced my weaknesses when it comes to food and the effect it has on me emotionally. It’s a comfort I’ve always used in my life. It’s not always served me well. If it did, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I know this weakness well. It will always be a part of me. My new comfort is knowing that I now have a built in support system with the MGB. When I struggle, I have something I can rely on.

The not-so-pretty? … Let’s leave that part to another time.

Thanks to you all who have followed my story and I hope I have inspired you in some small way!

Read more about Teresa’s weight loss journey in next month’s newsletter issue. “Me and My MGB” is an exclusive 12 part diary series of how a woman living with obesity changed her life when she made the decision to put herself first.


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