Me and My MGB | October

Canadian Thanksgiving just passed and I survived! Talk about portion control – we all know how hard it is at this time of year.

Thanksgiving is the most food-focused holiday we have. It’s all we think about for weeks leading up to it and for at least a week afterwards (if you’re lucky enough to have a lot of leftovers).

This year, I got a chance to really focus on how much I ate. There’s nothing like a family and friends gathering to really make me aware of my Mini Gastric Bypass and how it affects the way I eat. On a daily basis, I don’t think about it much because I’m used to it now.

When in company, though, it’s a whole different story. One small plate and satiety sets in right away. Gone were the stomach aches, the horrible feeling that you were about to burst from too much food. I got to enjoy all my favourite dishes without the instant regret.

My family noticed my small portions and thought it was fantastic that I was so satisfied with so little. It gave me such a feeling of freedom to know that I didn’t need to stuff myself to enjoy spending time with family, friends and food.

Read more about Teresa’s weight loss journey in next month’s newsletter issue. “Me and My MGB” is an exclusive 12 part diary series of how a woman living with obesity changed her life when she made the decision to put herself first.

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