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How does the Lap-Band work?

Lap-Band surgery in Canada is becoming more and more popular. Thousands of people across the country have benefited from sustainable weight loss made possible by the Lap-Band procedure at the SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre.

No More Starving on Diets!
The Lap-Band works by allowing you to feel satisfied with smaller portions of food. The Lap-Band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. This creates a small pouch that fills with each bite of solid food that is eaten. Signals are sent to the brain, which responds by thinking the entire stomach is full. Food moves into the lower, larger part of the stomach at a controlled rate and is digested and absorbed unchanged from the way it was prior to the procedure. Even though you’re eating less, you will feel satisfied and no longer hungry.

The Mechanics
 The Lap-Band is connected to a thin tube that leads to a “port” located under the skin but on top of the abdominal wall muscle. As you lose weight and chew your food more and eat slowly, the opening of the band may require adjustments in order to maintain the feeling of satiety. This is achieved by injecting fluid (saline) into the port, which fills the balloon on the inside of the Lap-Band. If you are interested to learn more about Lap-Band adjustments, click here.

Putting You in Control!
The goal with the Lap-Band is to ensure that small meals will satisfy you. You will be able to go longer between meals, and your hunger and constant craving for food will subside. Imagine the freedom! At last, you will be controlling what you eat — food won’t be controlling you!

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential complications. Book a consult and speak with one of our surgeons to discuss the procedure and have your questions answered.


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