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Gastric Balloon

There is NO Orbera Gastric Balloon Diet!

After your Orbera Gastric Balloon procedure, it will not be long before you can start enjoying the benefits of your new weight loss device. While there is no “Orbera Gastric Balloon diet”, the week following your procedure is a time of adjustment and you will need to transition back to solid foods slowly.

Days 1 to 3

During the first few days, it is critical that you drink plenty of water and avoid eating any solid foods. You will be provided with detailed instructions to ensure health and well-being during this time. For the first three days, you will be restricted to a liquid diet.
Juices Milk Thin soups or broth Gelatins
Coffee Carbonated drinks Chocolate Ice cream

Day 4 and onward

After a few days on a liquid diet, you will be ready to begin the transition back to solid foods. It’s important to make the transition slowly. Listen to your body and do not rush the adjustment process. Your SmartShape dietitian will recommend beginning with softer solids, such as:
    check Oatmeal
    check Thicker soups
    check Fruit purées

Living with the Orbera Gastric Balloon

Once you have adjusted to the Orbera Gastric Balloon, there is no special Orbera Gastric Balloon diet that you will have to adhere to. Life with the Orbera Gastric Balloon is about eating less and making healthy food choices. You will use the Orbera Gastric Balloon to help you feel satisfied with smaller portions. You will learn more about nutrition and lifestyle changes from your SmartShape dietitian and weight loss coaches.


"I knew Gastric Balloon was the right decision for me."

The balloon was in my body for 6 months and I lost a total of 51 lbs. I feel great now! I feel like myself again! I was able to achieve the results that I always wanted and I can’t thank SmartShape enough.