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A real life changer

Hi Teresa, yep it was 4 years ago this morning.  Now 71 years of age enjoying very good health.  My weight has ranged from 224 to 230 lbs the last couple of years, came in @ 229lbs this morning, down from original high of 293lbs when I committed to the surgery.  Actually got down to 219lbs but have not seen that weight for some time. My eating habits totally changed.  Still yet to eat even one desert.  No cookies, pies, muffins, chocolates or chocolate bars, ice cream, or anything with sugar content.   Meal size still very small. Still wearing 38 inch waist slacks.  Been able to wear same size for 4 years now, never did that before, always had to buy bigger and bigger.

As I reported a while back, I had a freak skiing accident while night skiing with one of my grandsons.  My injuries were significant, fractured vertebrae and ribs and punctured lung.  I was back walking a week later, but only got to pain free walking after about 3 months.  Accident occurred on my 71st birthday in November.  I considered giving up the sport but decided it was a freaky accident mostly due to night conditions so I was back skiing and curling by February.  Glad I didn’t give it up.

Candy and I celebrate our 50th anniversary on the 6th, so we a leaving for a golf holiday tomorrow in California, returning to same area where we celebrated our 25th. So all’s well, so pleased I had the surgery.  A real life changer.



Compassionate care

Couldn’t have asked for better care. Everyone from the SmartShape Surgeon to the nursing staff providing compassionate care after surgery and Rita, Kim and Anna (RD) who always answered my hundreds of questions with the most positive attitude. Simply the best group of caregivers ever!

Thank you for making this experience stress free and positive. Forever grateful.


Staff are amazing

This was THE best experience I could have wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The staff are amazing and treated me like I was a friend. I wish I could have stayed longer because everyone was so fantastic!


The staff was amazing

I had surgery Jan 25/18. Things happened quickly and efficiently. I spoke with the surgeon right away and on the day of surgery, but it was nice to know if I needed to I was able to connect with him throughout the process. I think I did not need to because the staff was amazing, kind and informative. They were quick to answer any questions I had. I was flying out and Diana (nurse) had me come in the day before to check my vitals. She did not have to, but that is how much the staff cares for you while you are there. A great experience all around including the surgery.


I have lost 70 pounds!

Just letting you know that I am very pleased with my weight loss journey. Including the 14 pounds I lost with the low glycemic vegetable/shake diet prior to surgery, I have lost 70 pounds!

It has been a bit slow once I hit the 60 pound loss mark, although I’m happy that I didn’t gain anything while I was on a 5-week holiday in the desert (Palm Springs, CA). I did one hour of pool exercising every day and have been walking further each day.

I’m off my blood pressure meds, I no longer need to buy a CPAP machine and can breathe far better. More than one person has said “THERE’S the Kathi we know!!!

Thanking you all!