"I couldn’t have asked for better care."
– Sarah, Gastric Sleeve

Gas 101: What To Do After Surgery

We have all experienced the sense of bloating, cramping, belching, flatulence and even pain that intestinal gas can generate.  Many individuals can recall experiencing an

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Taco Soup Recipe

Makes: 13 cups Cooking time: 40 minutes Ingredients: 1 lb (500 g) lean ground beef 1 medium onion, chopped 2 large stalks of onion, chopped

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Me and My MGB | March

Got the ok from the doctor… now what? After my consultation, I’m on such a high… ready for anything. Then the fear sets in. Should

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Me and My MGB | February

When it comes to weight loss surgery, it’s often something we think and dream about for a long time.  Once we make the decision to

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Obesity and Heart Disease

Fact. Approximately, 2.4 million Canadians are living with heart disease according to the Minister of Health in a recent statement bringing awareness to this year’s

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Ditch the Detox

As we wrap up the holiday season and ring in the New Year, we often hear lots of buzz about drastic diets, detox, cleanses, and

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