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SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Welcome to the SmartShape Weight Loss Centre. Since 2005, SmartShape has been providing Canadians with proven weight loss solutions that work. In partnership with Centric Health, Canada’s leading integrated healthcare services company, SmartShape offers a nationwide network of bariatric centres to provide easy access and follow-up care to patients across the country.

Our centres of excellence include a multi-disciplinary, dedicated team who have developed effective methods in providing the entire spectrum of care necessary to achieve success with the Lap-Band and Gastric Balloon programs.

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Stop feeling hungry. Start feeling healthy!
Tired of feeling hungry, while trying to loose weight? The Lap-Band works because it allows you to feel satisfied with a smaller portion of food. We have performed thousands of Lap-Band procedures since 2005, helping our patients reach their weight loss goal and stay there.

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Gastric Balloon

Kick-start your weight loss!
The Gastric Balloon is a temporary tool, also designed to provide a feeling of fullness with smaller meals. The SmartShape program teaches you how to establish better eating habits and maintain them, with the aid of the gastric balloon.

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Canada’s National Weight Loss Centre

Thousands of Canadians can tell you how the SmartShape program has helped them make their weight loss goals a reality. These Canadians, who have struggled with their weight for years, are now enjoying improved health, greater confidence and an enhanced quality of life.

Don’t give up on your dreams of achieving sustained weight loss. You’ve come to the right place - let’s work together to make those dreams come true!